A small, but very exciting, "Half in the Bag"-themed walking-simulator.
Featuring many things you know!

It's very short and has no specific goal. Just walk around and interact with the enviroment for hilarious dialogue*.

*Warning: Dialogue might not be hilarious.

Manual: Use the left mouse button to walk around or look at stuff. Right button to use things.

Use the icon in the lower right to go fullscreen or use the "F"-key.

Credits: Based on Half in The Bag by RedLetterMedia.


"The humor is spot on."  - Kristen8305

"It looks great and I enjoyed i" - AellyA

"beautiful :)" - realqbok

"The dialogue is definitely spot on" - HeyKid_HelpComputer

"ALL THE LIKES ALL THE LOVE!!!!! FUND THIS!!!!!" - BukNasty275

"I'm surprised how well the dialogue is written" - morok_cloudkeeper

"Forced humor", "Low effort" - Vinny from Vinesauce

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